Mark Longmore

Mark Longmore

Much of Mark’s recent work has focussed on improving learning by developing effective talk in the classroom. In 2014, he began to work extensively with The Institute for Effective Education at The University of York and with The Cambridge Primary Review Trust to develop and deliver high quality CPD to teachers in authorities across the country.

With an increasing amount of research evidence becoming available, Mark’s desire is to find ways to translate this into practical, workable solutions for teachers. He has considerable experience of applying pedagogical theory to the hectic and ever changing setting of the classroom. He has lectured in the teaching of science on teacher training courses at undergraduate and post-graduate level as well as delivering CPD courses that aim to distil current evidence and academic thought into practical applications.

While teaching, he established and managed two Comenius projects, gaining and managing funding from The British Council to work in close co-operation with schools across Europe.

Mark is the co-author of Creative Activities for Scientific Enquiry, published by Scholastic and has written articles and devised resources for both Child Education and Junior Education magazines.

Mark has worked with many organisations outside of education, including Smith and Nephew, The Chemical Industries in Education Centre and the construction group GMI to develop and produce a range of educational resources linking education with industry.