SSHing into your Raspberry Pi

This guide will show you how to SSH into your Raspberry Pi from within Windows. This assumes you already know your IP address - if you don't, see the following guide first: You also need the following zip file downloaded and extracted onto your computer:


1) Navigate to your PuttyPortable folder or wherever you extracted the zip file to.



2) Open PuttyPortable.exe



3) Enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi and click 'Open'. If you do not know your IP address see



4) You may see an error similar to this. If so click 'Yes'.



5) Enter your username and password. The defaults are 'pi' and 'raspberry' respectively. When typing your password you will not see any characters appearing. This is normal.



6) When you see a screen similar to this you are done, and now directly interfacing with the Raspberry Pi.