iPads in Education: Practical Tips and Pedagogy

On the 8th May 2013, we ran our first webinar. Dr Neil Ingram, Senior Lecturer at the University of Bristol, and Matt Thurling, founder of Bristol Film Academy, gave a presentation of about an hour on the use of iPads. More than 70 schools attended, giving some idea of the level of interest in the use of tablets in education, and as hoped, the discussion and back-channel activity was at least as valuable and interesting as the presentation itself.  We've posted the materials from the presentation here, including  the presentation slides and full recording and we hope the conversation will continue in the comments section, below. Please share this resource as widely as possible via your websites, blogs and social media so other teachers can join the discussion.


Webinar recording

To view the recording, click on the image

Webinar Recording


Extra Resources

A pdf from Bristol Film Academy detailing the essential apps and accessories for iPad filmmaking: iPadAppsAndKit

Here's a video showing you how to use Pinnacle Studio on the iPad: