Finding the IP Address of your Raspberry Pi

This guide will show you how to find the IP address of a Raspberry Pi on your local network. Note that this assumes that there is only one Raspberry Pi connected and that it is on the same Subnet, if both your computer and the Raspberry Pi are connected to the same physical device this is very likely to be the case. You will also need the following zip file downloaded and extracted onto your computer.


1) Navigate to the network scanner folder or wherever you extracted the zip file to.



2) Open netscan.exe



3) Click on the highlighted button



4) From the window that opens select the option with the network mask ""



5) Click "Start Scanning"



6) Wait for the scan to complete, this may take a couple of minutes. Various devices should start to appear.



7) Note down the IP address of the device with the NIC Vendor "Raspberry Pi Foundation"



For mobile users there is a great app called Fing, which accomplishes the same task, and while a detailed explanation is beyond the scope of this guide, it is fairly self-explanatory. Fing is available for both Android and iOS (iPhones and iPads) and can be downloaded here: Android: iOS: