TweachCode Needs You

A couple of really simple ways that you can help us to make TweachCode, our regular Twitter chat for computing teachers, even better.

After Monday’s fantastic Minecraft session, I think it’s fair to say that TweachCode is a success.

The archive of that session can now be found here

TweachCode takes approximately 20 man-hours to organise, promote and archive each week.  We know that the value created in terms of CPD far outweighs this input, so we are very keen to keep it going.

There are a couple of ways you can help:


Create a blog about Tweacher to share with your peers.  This helps us because it results in Google link love coming our way and helps us to reduce our marketing costs and thus justify the continuation of TweachCode.

Your post can be short or long, it doesn’t matter, as long as it contains a link to TweachCode central:

Tweet us a link when it’s done and we’ll retweet it for you.

Sign up for Tweacher

TweachCode is part of a plan to make Twitter and other social media platforms even more useful for teachers.  We hope to run other sessions in the future, including #NQTweach and #TweachSTEM, and to enable teachers all over the World to share, according to the subjects and phases they teach.

If you’d like to see this plan unfold, please sign up for our amazing web app, Tweacher.  It takes a couple of minutes and it will get you lots of quality new teacher followers.

Thanks, and see you at the next #TweachCode