New Trainers Required

We are revising our training portfolio and are looking for new trainers to bring into the fold.

CPD for Teachers' aim is to develop and deliver training where it is needed most.  We’d like to offer more courses in the following areas:

Core Subjects

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Physical Education

We’re also interested in

  • Pupil Premium and ‘Closing the Gap’
  • Teacher wellbeing

Additionally, we're looking to bring in changes to the way CPD is delivered across the board, moving towards a more blended, collaborative, peer-to-peer model, combining the best elements of the various media available and doing away with boring powerpoint presentations.

We’d love to hear from trainers with good ideas and a strong track record in the areas above and would be keen to promote existing courses as well as co-develop new ones.

Please contact us at