INSET Training

If you're interested in training a number of staff from your school, it will often work out cheaper to book an on-site training session.  Some of our courses are only available as INSETs, and if you're not near to one of our training centres, it's obviously much more convenient to get us to do the travelling!

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Another advantage of the INSET option is that our courses can be adapted to suit your needs.  We can also mix and match elements from different courses to provide the perfect hybrid for your school.

We are keen to encourage schools to club together to further benefit from the economies of scale, and if you book a session with us as the lead school, you can sell places to neighbouring schools to make your own school's budget go further.

You only get a handful of INSET days a year, so it's really important to get it right.  That's why our team is very happy to talk through your requirements in detail before commiting to a date.  We're overbooked for many of our courses so it's best to enquire as soon as possible.

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