eLearning Platform

Towards the end of this calendar year we will be launching our eLearning CPD platform. This powerful system will enable teachers to take highly-targeted short courses online, working at their own pace, to learn essential skills without the disruption to teaching timetables.

The majority of the content will be free, and all courses will be packed with up-to-the-minute content with plenty of video and interactivity.
In addition to our own unique courses, which our lead trainers are currently compiling, the platform will also provide the opportunity for teachers to share best practice with each other.  Schools will be able to use the platform to create courses for use internally, within a federation, nationally, or even worldwide (we are inviting teachers from other English-speaking countries to get involved).

So that we hit the ground running, we are looking to form a small team of teachers to contribute CPD courses to the platform for launch. We're particularly interested in areas which are currently in a state of flux, eg Computing, MFL, Grammar, Maths, SEN, but will happily consider any 'A star' expertise you'd like to share with other teachers.

The benefits of being on this team include:

  • Exclusive free early access to the platform for your school
  • Free guidance on how to turn your ideas into a great eLearning CPD experience
  • Free training on filming and video editing techniques
  • Optional use of our design team for styling, graphics, animations etc
  • A free place on one of our courses for you or a colleague
  • The possibility of earning revenue for your school in future with premium courses

At this stage, we only have the capacity to work with up to 20 contributors, and the places will be allocated to the best proposals received before 31 July 2014.

If you'd like to be considered for this opportunity, please write a brief outline of your proposed in an email to hello@cpdforteachers.com