Computing INSET

Since the new Computing Curriculum was announced, CPD for Teachers has helped many thousands of teachers, primary and secondary, across the UK get to grips with a new approach to teaching technology and computational thinking.

If you want to improve performance in your school, we now offer a range of Computing courses, and all of these can be delivered on-site at your school for any number of staff.

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There are many advantages to on-site training: minimal disruption and cover requirements; better value per head; and the opportunity to tailor the training to your needs.

If you can't choose from the list below exactly which course is best for you, don't worry. We're more than happy to talk you through the decision process, and you can also choose elements from different courses and patch them together to meet your needs.

You can call us on 0844 870 8935 or send an email giving some details of your requirments, including dates and numbers if you have them, and a good time to get hold of you.

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Computing INSETs - Primary

The Computing Curriculum According to Scratch the Cat

Make a powerful ally in delivering the computing curriculum in the form of a programmable orange cat!

How to Teach Programming (Primary)

Build the skills and confidence you need to teach the Computing Curriculum .

How to Develop a Computing Scheme of Work (Primary)

Create your own Scheme of Work to deliver the Primary Computing Curriculum.

Raspberry Pi 2 - Primary

A new course for primary teachers to help unlock the full power of the Raspberry Pi 2.

Computing INSETs - Secondary

How to Teach Programming (Secondary)

Engage and motivate your KS3 and KS4 pupils with tried and tested strategies for delivering outstanding computing.

Minecraft Coding

Motivate your pupils to learn coding.

Creating Mobile Apps

Deliver the computing curriculum by creating apps for mobiles with MIT App Inventor.

Python (KS3)

If you're brand new to programming, or your programming experience was in another language in the distant past, this is the ideal starting point to give you a foundation in textual programming using Python.

Python (KS4)

Sharpen up your programming skills and teach GCSE effectively using Python.

How to Develop a Computing Scheme of Work (Secondary)

Rapidly develop a scheme of work that's right for your school and see your performance in computing improve.

Raspberry Pi 2 - Secondary

Our new course will show you how you can exploit the full potential of the Raspberry Pi with inspiring and challenging activities for your pupils.

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