Computing and ICT Courses

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We are a leading provider of training to help schools in the teaching and learning of Computing and ICT.

The 2014 curriculum framework for schools in England meant a shift away from ICT and the use of software packages, and teachers in UK schools now need to understand computers in greater depth.

Computing and ICT Curriculum

Children are expected to start learning about coding from key stage 1. This will present a considerable challenge to many schools and teachers and ICT coordinators will be required to have a degree of competency in computer programming in order to meet the demands of the Computing curriculum. Computing and ICT, though related, involve very different skills, and we believe that the new approach will be a very big ask.

To help schools make the transition, we have put together a range of courses. We understand that programming can be intimidating for some and so have designed our courses to suit all ability levels. More courses are in development and we are testing out our methodology directly with young people to see what works - so you don't have to.

Computing Courses

Courses are available at our training centres in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff and can also be booked as INSETs at your school. 

The Computing Curriculum According to Scratch the Cat (KS1,2)
Make a powerful ally in delivering the computing curriculum in the form of a programmable orange cat!

Teach Programming for Key Stage 3 Computing
A beginner’s course for teachers new to programming and/or Python

Teach Programming for GCSE Computing
An intermediate course for teachers with some previous experience of teaching programming and/or Python

Teacher Tech Top-Up
A Revolutionary Course - Accessible, in Plain English, and Useful - It's IT Utopia!

The iPad in the Maths Classroom
Transform understanding, motivation and confidence with the iPad

Why Teach Children to Code

Want to get some ideas on how and why you should teach pupils about computer programming? Watch Mitch Resnick, the creator of the visual programming language Scratch, demonstrate inspiring projects in his TED talk: