Bristol Film Academy in Nairobi

Bristol Film Academy's lead trainer, Tony Parker, has just returned from Nairobi, where he ran the Introduction to Filmmaking course for 60 Kenyan science teachers.

Filmmaking in Nairobi

The trip was organised by Neil Ingram, senior lecturer at the University of Bristol, and Marguerite Khakasa of Kenyatta University, both fellows of the international HP Catalyst programme.The teachers, who'd been provided with an HP laptop, came from schools in remote villages, some of them travelling up to eight hours by bus to attend the session.

Tony, who's been running the filmmaking course with UK schools for three years, was looking tired but had clearly had a brilliant time!

The course is exciting because it shows teachers that they can produce top quality, high definition videos with inexpensive cameras, cheap - or even free - software, and a little bit of professional know-how. The Kenyan teachers were all given a Kodak Playful camera to film with and their laptops were loaded with Serif Movie Maker for editing. They also took away a Bristol Film Academy USB drive loaded with filmmaking resources, including script and storyboard templates, and simple tips for filming and recording audio.

Editing in Nairobi

We're now looking forward to seeing what the teachers come up with when they return to their schools and work with their pupils. The session was a huge success by all accounts and a follow-up trip, in which Tony and Neil will visit the teachers in their schools, is already being planned for 2014.

Tony's now cutting a short film of his trip.  Here's the latest rough cut;