Twitter Logo#TweachCode is the regular Twitter chat session for teachers to share ideas on teaching the new computing curriculum.

Hosted by CPD for Teachers lead trainers Matt Venn and Les Pounder, the sessions will include excerpts from our popular computing courses, and will create a forum for support, questions, sharing and discussion.

Matt and Les have been training hundreds of teachers across the country since the new UK computing curriculum was announced back in 2012 and have unrivalled insight into the challenges faced by teachers.  They have developed resources to help you engage your most resistant learners, and to stretch, challenge and inspire the most able.  They will be sharing these during the chat as well as signposting other freely available resources.

Get involved

It is really easy to take part.  First, make sure you are following the host accounts, below. Then tune into the #TweachCode hashtag at the right time.

TweachCode by Timezone

London UTC Monday 20:00
New York UTC -5 Monday 15:00
Austin, Texas UTC -6 Monday 14:00
San Francisco UTC -8 Monday 12:00
Auckland UTC +13  Tuesday 09:00
Hong Kong UTC +8 Tuesday 04:00
Sydney UTC +11 Tuesday 07:00
Cape Town UTC +2 Monday 22:00


We will release one question every 10 minutes (a total of 6 during the evening).  We’ll offer our advice in answer to the questions but we’re looking for you as teachers to get involved and share your experiences and knowledge.  This is a great opportunity for you to network with likeminded professionals.  Simply click on the hashtag to see who else is using it and reply, favourite and retweet until your heart’s content! 

#TweachCode Hosts

Matt VennMatt Venn
Senior Trainer
Les PounderLes Pounder
Senior Trainer
TweachCode NodeTweachCode
Owen the Organiser


Each session will have its own focus, and in future, guest hosts will be invited to bring new dimensions to the chat.

Upcoming Sessions

Find out what's coming up over the next few weeks:

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To catch up on previous sessions, check out the Storify archives:

TweachCode #1 Monday 08 December

Theme: Resources, Resources, Resources!

Where to find fantastic free resources for teaching all aspects of the computing curriculum.

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #2 Monday 15 December

Theme: Pedagogy

The challenges of teaching the computing curriculum - and plenty of tried and tested solutions.

Storify archive

TweachCode #3 Monday 29 December

Theme: Cross Curricular Computing

Bringing computing to life with exciting projects.

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #4 Monday 12 January

Theme: Robotics

Robots of all shapes and sizes.

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #5 Monday 19 January

Theme: Visual Coding

Featuring Scratch the Cat and Ozobot.

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #6 Monday 26 January

Theme: Minecraft

So much more than a game!

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #7 Monday 02 February

Theme: Creating Mobile Apps

Featuring MIT AppInventor and much more!

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #8 Monday 23 Febraury

Theme: Raspberry Pi

What's new with the Mark 2?

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #9 Monday 02 March

Theme: Music, including Sonic Pi

Featuring Sam Aaron

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #10 Monday 09 March

Theme: Physical Computing

Storfiy archive

TweachCode #11 Monday 16 March

Theme: Python

Storify archive

TweachCode #12 Monday 23 March

Theme: Web Programming

Storify archive

TweachCode #13 Monday 30 March

Theme: Scratch

Storify archive

TweachCode #14 Monday 13 April

Theme: Python for KS4

Storify archive

TweachCode #15 Monday 20 April

Theme: Problem Solving

Storify archive

TweachCode #16 Monday 27 April

Theme: Writing Games

Storify archive

TweachCode #17 Monday 4 May

Theme: Solving Real World Problems

Storify archive

TweachCode #18 Monday 11 May

Theme: Git for Beginners

Storify archive

TweachCode #19 Monday 18 May

Theme: Coding with iPads

Storify archive

TweachCode #20 Monday 25 May

Theme: Computer Science Fundamentals 

Storify archive

TweachCode #21 Monday 1 June

Theme: Computer Science Unplugged

Storify archive

TweachCode #22 Monday 8 June

Theme: Google tools for the Classroom

Storify archive

TweachCode #23 Monday 15 June

Theme: Websites - css/html/javascript

Storify archive

TweachCode #24 Monday 22 June

Theme: RaspberryPi accessories

Storify archive

TweachCode #25 Monday 29 June

Theme: RaspberryPi for Primary

Storify archive

TweachCode #26 Monday 6 July

Theme: Computer Science - 1 year on

Storify archive

TweachCode #27 Monday 13 July

Theme: Transition to Text Based Coding

Storify archive