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CPD for Teachers

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About this course

  • Do you want to turn educational research into actual classroom reality? 
  • Do you need evidence, to help you make better decisions about major innovations in your school?
  • Are you aiming to add challenge and make teaching more effective?
  • Do you want to develop your understanding of the major issues in education today?

For too long, schools have been victims of ideas that do not work: Brain Gym, Learning Styles, The Cone of Experience, etc. Now we are told that research has the answers.

This course will help you to understand how to use research well, and how to avoid the major pitfalls. Based on nine collaborative research projects with 153 teachers and school leaders in 85 schools and colleges, this course provides detailed examples of how teachers and school leaders actually use research to improve their schools. It covers key topics including how to access research, building a research-informed culture, Teacher Research, using data, navigating social media and blogs, and how to overcome common obstacles to research use. Above all, it is about teaching and learning, and how this looks in the classroom.

Each participant will receive a free copy of the new book: Becoming a Research-Informed School: Why? What? How? 

Course Outcomes:

  • Gain confidence in selecting research that will actually make a difference to your school
  • Understand just what educational research is and (importantly) isn’t
  • Discover how research and evidence can develop a ‘thinking school’ and can involve parents
  • Know what research and evidence can lead to real improvements in pupil outcomes

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: Stop wasting time: how research can really help

  • Make better decisions about major innovations without wasting time
  • Developing your teachers' mindsets, making them more self-critical, willing to experiment and understanding of evidence
  • Developing your school as a thinking school, stimulating informed discussions amongst staff
  • Developing your CPD so that it leads to sustained improvement

Session 2 - Don’t be a lemming: how research is being mishandled

  • Learn how to avoid wrongly interpreting research and applying it inappropriately; to the wrong students, in the wrong situations in the wrong way
  • Don’t let research push you into practices that you fundamentally disagree with
  • DATA … how to get it right!
  • Understand how research can lead to a ‘pedagogy police’ where evidence is pre-selected to validate existing ideas

Session 3 - How is the only question - what differences you can really make

  • Embrace what really works, and seek cutting-edge improvements
  • Ensure that evidence-based practice becomes a classroom reality
  • Forge ahead and build upon existing evidence
  • Don’t forget, superb new ideas are not proven … yet