The Medically-Sound Guide to Building Resilience (half-day course) Inset

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About this course

  • Do you want to find out what is resilience but also ‘academic resilience’ as well?
  • Do you want to know more about how bullying and other stressful life events can affect resilience and wellbeing in children and young people?
  • Would you like medically proven strategies to build resilience in yourself, your students and your school?

Academic resilience means students achieving good educational outcomes despite adversity. For teachers, promoting it involves understanding how to build resilience in oneself and others. School staff can plan and implement important strategies involving the whole school community to help vulnerable young people do better than their circumstances might have predicted.

Course Outcomes:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of resilience and academic resilience
  • Outline how to build resilience in oneself, the children and classroom
  • Understand what bullying is, in all its guises
  • Develop the skills to implement the first key steps of the ‘Mental Health First Aid Kit’
  • Increase awareness of the concepts of mindfulness and how to apply it to everyday stress in our lives.


Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: Setting the context

What is staff and pupil resilience in schools?

What is ‘academic resilience’ and what does it look like?

How does ‘pupil wellbeing’ fit with ‘academic resilience’?

How can we make sure that academic achievement and wellbeing can co-exist?


Session 2: Risk and protective factors

Factors that can lead to and prevent the development of mental health problems in children and young people

What are the different types of bullying and the difference between bullying and ‘banter’ or ‘motivation’

How bullying affects mental health

Factors outside of a school’s control


Session 3: Interventions

Practicing Mindfulness the medically-proven way

The ‘Mental Health First Aid Kit’

Other real-world strategies to improve resilience in oneself and young people

How to piece all the strands together to create a successful whole-school approach