STEM, STEAM and Most Aspects of Science Teaching Inset

Key elements of STEM & STEAM to engage and inspire learners
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About this course

Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths into the school curriculum can make a significant difference to outcomes for learners.

This course will take you through how to maximize opportunities throughout the academic year and promote essential employability skills such as problem solving, resilience, teamwork, creativity, determination and effective communication through engaging, practical and challenging activities. Creating context for learners ensures stronger foundations and secures better progress. This course will outline how to achieve global goals such as sustainability and economic wellbeing through a successful STEAM programme. We will also help you create a library of multimedia resources to share and engage with the wider community.


Course Outcomes:

  • You will develop your STEM/STEAM capability with sustainable, practical strategies
  • You will be able to fully integrate STEM/STEAM subjects into your curriculum
  • You will be equipped to provide a global context to a stimulating and challenging STEM/STEAM programme
  • You will be ready to create a strategic overview for Senior Leadership and faculty/subject leaders

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: How can STEM/STEAM drive progress and standards in your school?

Creating the ‘light bulb moments’ through STEM/STEAM

Cross-curricular elements of STEM and specific links to art cross the school

Raising teaching and learning performance through STEAM

Working across phases and age groups – getting the challenge right


Session 2: Essential employability skills

How to create rich learning experiences inside and outside the classroom

Linking challenges to real world contexts

Understanding and empathising with cultures around the world

Creating engineers, designers and scientists of the future


Session 3: Strategic implementation of a STEAM policy

Creating an exciting buzz across departments

Improving collaboration within and across subjects and phases

Maximising the productivity of your teams

Realistic goal setting and ‘mission critical’ milestones