Spoon Feed No More - Improving Classroom Performance in Primary Inset

Teaching with flair and creativity that yields results

CPD for Teachers

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If you want to stretch and challenge your pupils without running yourself into the ground, please join us!

Based upon the highly acclaimed book 'Spoon Feed No More' by Steve Chapman, Steve Garnett & Alan Jervis, this 100% practical course is delivered in the unique hands-on Dragonfly way that all three personally developed. The emphasis will be on presenting exciting yet academically rigorous teaching strategies that have been proven to work, and getting the students, not the teacher, working harder and more effectively.

If you are looking for buzzwords, jargon and three-part lessons that all look the same, then please move on. If you are looking for more than photocopied sheets with low-level activities and you want to teach with flair and passion, then please look no further.

Full Course Content

  • The myths that seriously hinder teaching will be debunked and you will be shown an evidence-based approach instead
  • Receive a cutting-edge synthesis of what works and what doesn’t in real primary classrooms
  • Acquire dozens of effective teaching strategies
  • Learn ways to teach with flair, independence and heads-up teaching
  • Discover ‘Sector-Leading Practice’ in Creative and Extended Writing
  • Mastering Mastery: experience techniques to help students apply their learning