Senior Leadership in a 21st Century School (2-day course) Inset

Proven Leadership Strategies from Around the World: for Aspiring or Existing Senior Leaders

Alan Jervis

Alan has delivered over 1,600 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience - including seven as an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching, learning and assessment - Alan has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies. trainer profile
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Do you want to discover the important skills and attributes of successful senior leaders?

Do you want to learn how to inspire others and deal with the difficult issues?

Do you want to identify your own personal leadership style?

This course is designed to meet the needs of both those aspiring to be a senior leader and those already in a senior position. We will examine the key ways of making other teachers become better than they thought they could be. We will discuss difficult and complex issues and provide solutions to ensure you make the most effective decisions.

Course Outcomes:

  • Identify your leadership style and consider how it can be used to best effect
  • Explain the key components of high-impact presentations to inspire and motivate others
  • Offer advice on strategic leadership and development of management skills
  • Discuss issues relating to decision-making and time-management
  • Consider how to develop a high-performing team
  • Promote a highly-effective system of school quality control

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Day 1: Session 1: Key skills and attributes

What is my leadership style?

Strategic decision-making for school improvement

Using my personal qualities for sustainable leadership

Developing a high-performing team

Day 1: Session 2: Making a Difference

Visioning and communicating

High-impact presentations

Transformational leadership

Day 1: Session 3: Relationships with Other People

Inspiring colleagues

Engaging with difficult people

Effective meetings

Persuading others

Day 2: Session 1: Make Change Happen

Strategic decision making

Transformational leadership

Embedding Change

Day 2: Session 2: Research and Development

Using Data to inform planning

What really makes a difference in teaching and learning

Action Planning for change

Your School Development Plan

Day 2: Session 3: Monitoring and Evaluation

Effective systems for school quality control

Monitoring and evaluation of school effectiveness

Coaching - -The Triad model

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