Exceptional Exam Performance at GCSE & A Level: Evidence-based Practice to Improve Retention, Revision, Recall and Readiness for Examinations

What every teacher needs to know about memory, practice and revision for linear exams

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is one of the most experienced and gifted trainers and school leaders in his field. Throughout years in school leadership, Dave has remained focused on the magic of the classroom, and is often cited as an inspiration to his students and his colleagues alike. trainer profile
  • Can your students retain the huge amount of information they need to succeed in their new-style 'knowledge exams'?
  • Is your school adapting teaching strategies and revision practices to ensure students recall that information in high-stakes exams?
  • Do you want a range of immediately implementable strategies which guarantee improved performance in 'knowledge exams'?

This course, for teachers and leaders at all levels, starts with the science of the teenage brain and builds into a range of practical, immediately implementable teaching and revision strategies to help students RETAIN knowledge, REVISE efficiently and RECALL the information in exams.

Full Course Content

This Course Aims to:

  • Examine how educators can embrace the ‘plasticity’ of the teenage brain to improve knowledge retention and exam performance
  • Loads of practical strategies, activities and resources which are proven to ensure greater knowledge retention
  • A range of whole-school strategies and resources to kick start better knowledge retention in your school - immediately

Course Outline:


  • The Rise of Knowledge – what you need to know
  • Synapses or ‘how the teenage brain retains knowledge’?
  • The wonder of you! - How to share the research with your students
  • 5 strategies to develop anyone’s memory


  • Getting ‘stuck into’ long-term memory
  • Remembering the ‘forgetting curve’
  • A student’s guide to skilful self-testing
  • 5 classroom strategies to make knowledge stick


  • ‘Bamboo Revision’ and how to avoid it
  • School wide revision and recall - where, when and how to start
  • ‘Relight my Fire’ – catchy revision proven to improve exam performance
  • 5 most effective revision practices and how to sell them to students