Raspberry Pi 2 - Secondary Inset

Our new course will show you how you can exploit the full potential of the Raspberry Pi with inspiring and challenging activities for your pupils.

Alan O'Donohoe

Through his work in the classroom, Alan has earned an excellent reputation within computer science education and has a wealth of experience in delivering courses which have been consistently graded by teachers and inspectors as "outstanding". trainer profile
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This course provides an introduction to the powerful new Raspberry Pi 2, which was launched in February 2015. The original Pi already provided a great tool for creative and experimental programming. The new model, some six times more powerful than its predecessor, opens up even more opportunities for inspiration and deep learning, and our course is the best place to quickly discover the potential.

The course covers:

  • setup, use and classroom management
  • using Scratch to interact with the real world
  • a beginner’s guide to Python and the Pibrella add-on board
  • leveraging Minecraft to teach programming
  • writing music with Sonic Pi

The course assumes some basic prior computing knowledge.

Full Course Content


  • Powering and connecting up the Pi
  • Using PiNet to manage your classroom’s Pis
  • The Linux Operating System

Programming Essentials

  • Fundamental concepts
  • Problem solving
  • Pseudo code


  • The PiBrella add-on board
  • Controlling buttons, LEDs and motors


  • Using Python with Minecraft to build interactively


  • Explore another text based programming language (Ruby)
  • Create your own compositions