An Evidence Based Approach to Raising Attainment in Primary Science Teaching

A treasure chest of proven strategies to foster a love of science

Alan Jervis

Alan has delivered over 1,600 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience - including seven as an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching, learning and assessment - Alan has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies. trainer profile
  • Are you a primary school teacher in search of a raft of effective teaching ideas that create the wow factor in science?
  • Do your school's science lessons seem tired and formulaic in comparison to other subjects?
  • Would you like a treasure chest of ideas that are low on teacher preparation time but maximize your children’s progress?

We invite you to join this highly practical workshop crammed full of high impact teaching ideas that have been proven to work. These ideas are based on the findings on recent educational research. These strategies will not need much teacher preparation time and ideas are ready to use tomorrow.

These strategies will inspire students to want to know more and will motivate students to engage with science on a deeper level.

Full Course Content

This Course Aims To:

  • A whole raft of powerful ideas to teach primary school science that will create that ‘wow factor’
  • Ideas and strategies that are low in preparation time but very high in effect.
  • An understanding of global evidence on the teaching of primary school science
  • An end to endless photocopied sheets and dull low-level questions and in return proper, powerful science lessons

Course Outline:

Teaching techniques to motivate the love of science for children

  • Identifying and using student’s prior knowledge- they have loads!
  • Powerful starters to make an impact
  • Memorable methods to provoke learning and the deep understanding of key scientific concepts
  • Ways of moving learning into long term memory and developing scientific vocabulary.

Science specific strategies

  • Let us bring back the ‘wow’ into science
  • The mystery lesson – your pupils are gonna love this!
  • Cutting edge assessment techniques essential to scientific enquires
  • Some great Apps that support primary school science

Ideas to inspire a deep love of science

  • Exciting ideas for experiments
  • The cliff hanger lesson
  • Meta-cognition to maximise progress
  • Effective ways to use video to make scientific learning exciting