Never Mind the Mucky Hands: The Resilient and Independent Young Learner

The sensational new Primary course specially designed to meet all the emotional health criteria

Cherry Hawker

Cherry Hawker is, above all else, excited about children’s learning! She has always been motivated to promote interactive and memorable learning experiences by her conviction that childhood is precious and that we are privileged to be a part of it. Cherry's career has led her from the classroom to working as a Primary Strategy Consultant and to headships in both small/rural and large/urban primary schools. trainer profile

The buzz words of today are challenge, resilience, growth mindset, forward thinking…..  But who prepared us for this? Who equipped us with the skills we use to not survive but thrive    Did anyone teach you time management skills?  How to plan your day? How to work with others in the professional environment?  How old were you when you were taught how to listen, how to attend to another person?  If we look at the Early Years curriculum we can see that Listening and Attention can be seen right from the start. 

This course is aimed at teachers who want to encourage a class full of independent thinkers.  A student body that can not only think for themselves but also work together!  The day will be packed with a raft of practical ideas to promote autonomous thought and collaboration. 

Course Outcomes:

  • Introduce the first steps: The relationship between independent thinking and respect
  • Identifying the key skills that every pupil needs
  • Charting the journey from birth to post-primary
  • Keeping it real in the classroom, hands-on ideas to use with the children
  • Practical ideas to harness the increased confidence

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

To infinity and beyond – is it just a myth?

  • Lessons from Toy Story: no limits for our learners
  • Exploring the world of independent thinkers
  • An educated guess, what skill will our students need to thrive in a world we can hardly imagine
  • Achieving Independent thought and working together – how to make it a reality

Multitasking – the sad truth

  • What do we really mean by multi-tasking and can it really be done?
  • Prioritisation: can we really teach it to our students?
  • Choosing one thing and doing it right. Exploring the idea of deeper thinking
  • Am I missing anything? Managing the anxiety of multimedia

Communication: the heart of the matter

  • Practical ideas for promoting positive talk
  • A proven approach to maximising listening skills
  • Effective speaking and listening strategies to use in the classroom tomorrow
  • Making a difference to tomorrow – a commitment to try something new