Multi-Sensory Approaches for Delayed Literacy Skills

Identifying issues and applying bespoke, effective strategies to improve progress

Philippa Vince

Philippa has over 15 years’ experience in education with 10 years primarily in special needs. She now works in a wide variety of settings. This includes SEN consultancy work for a mainstream school. Alongside holding the SEN role on a consultancy basis, she leads the Additionally Resourced ‘ARMS’, which caters for 10 children with physical disabilities. These children are managed within the normal mainstream classes. trainer profile

Do you have children receiving lots of focused intervention but just aren’t making progress?

Does it seem like some children keep forgetting everything you have taught them?

Do you have feeling that a child might have dyslexia but you don’t know how to help them with it?

Full Course Content

Every child learns in a different way, and this course helps you to understand different learning approaches to get the best out of children with dyslexia or delayed literacy skills. You will find out how to develop a fresh and bespoke approach for each child that will impact on progress.


Using the ORTON GILLINGHAM approach as a backbone, this course will help you understand WHY a child may not be making progress and what you can do about it now in your daily practise. It will teach you about different styles of learning and how each one affects progress. It will help you understand how to adapt your classroom and your teaching style to support differing needs. It develops your own knowledge, helping you to identify issues quickly and efficiently.