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Motivate your pupils to learn coding

Alan O'Donohoe

Through his work in the classroom, Alan has earned an excellent reputation within computer science education and has a wealth of experience in delivering courses which have been consistently graded by teachers and inspectors as "outstanding". trainer profile
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One of the challenges in teaching the new computing curriculum is motivation of students. As so many children are Minecraft fanatics, why not use their engagement to help teach programming?

This course will cover using the Python programming language to interact with Minecraft. You'll use Raspberry Pi computers and the free educational version of Minecraft that comes ready installed on the Pi.

You’ll also take a look at ‘real world’ interaction, where we can use the Pibrella add on board for the Pi to flash lights, make sounds and press buttons.

There’ll be time to chat to your colleagues and exchange resources, as well as signposting the best and most inspiring resources available on the web and printed.

You’ll work through some activities on your own, in groups, and you’ll have the option to explore more advanced topics if your Python skills are already up to scratch.

The course is suitable for complete beginners as well as programmers already used to using Python.  Minecraft Coding is most suitable for KS3, but if your KS2 class is getting bored of Scratch then this course could also be for you.

Course covers:

  • Introduction to Minecraft
  • Concepts of programming
  • Textual programming with Python
  • Free online resources
  • Using Minecraft to interact with the real world

Full Course Content

Introduction to Minecraft

  • What is minecraft and how to install it
  • Moving around, building and destroying

Concepts of programming

  • Fundamentals including sequence, loops, variables, conditionals
  • Computational thinking and problem solving

Textual programming with Python

  • Getting started with Python and Minecraft
  • Hello World
  • Creating and destroying blocks
  • Moving around
  • Using the Pibrella for real-world interaction