How to Be an Outstanding Middle Manager in an Independent School

The essential tools and strategies for excelling as a middle manager and leader

Tony Woolstone

Tony Woolstone has been running modern foreign languages and other courses for many years and his dynamic and eccentric style will be familiar to many. trainer profile

Are you or are you about to be a Middle Manager/Leader in your school?  Head of Department/Pastoral leader?

Do you find it difficult to serve the needs and demands of your pupils and your colleagues as well as maintaining your own sanity?

Did you have any specific management training before taking up your current role?

This Course Aims to:

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management in your role
  • Strategies to deal with time, paper and email management
  • The ability to cope with potential challenges of change and how to deal with them
  • Handle having difficult conversations with colleagues and parents
  • Techniques to run purposeful and rewarding meetings

What other teachers have said about the course

  • Great course, very engaging. Good resource provided in the booklet.

    Sarah Carneil - Sherfield School
  • A great course- it has really helped with my confidence that I am doing the right things in my job.

    Adam Swift - Saint Martin's School
  • Excellent course and resources to middle leaders. Thank you Tony!

    Kath Crook - The Dragon School
  • I'm pretty cynical about courses, but this one is excellent! The materials are superb and the presentation is fantastically engaging. Fantastic for inspiring as well as incumbent middle…

    Mike Baker -Hampton School
  • Dynamic, fun, relevant, interesting... I loved to attend this course. Tony has presented tons of useful ideas and great guidance, some of which I already plan to implement at my school.…

    Alex Reina - El Limonar International School- Murcia
  • An excellent run course that was informative, some great ideas and has given me inspiration to innovate/ develop my pastoral team.

    Jakki Marr - Leighton Park School
  • Excellent - one of the best courses I've been on due to presenter's enthusiasm and clarity and the structure and relevance of materials.

    Howard Shaw - Leighton Park School

Full Course Content

Leadership and Management

  • What is a middle manager? Engine room or Dogsbody?
  • Defining leadership – leader or manager?
  • Defining your role properly so you are clear about your role
  • Characteristics of highly effective leaders

Day to Day Management

  • Effective time management – the Urgency Addiction
  • Strategies for paper management and email management
  • People Management - Having difficult conversations – colleagues/parents/SLT.
  • Running productive meetings

The Broader Picture

  • How to manage change – the principles & the documentation
  • Appraisal/Inspection/PRD
  • Communication in Schools/Administration
  • Self-appraisal and career development