The Essential Guide to the Application of Mastery Assessment to Primary-Aged Students

A practical workshop on the depth of learning across the curriculum

Alan Jervis

Alan has delivered over 1,600 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience - including seven as an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching, learning and assessment - Alan has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies. trainer profile
  • Do you want to understand how to use mastery assessment with your primary school children?
  • Do you want to see how to link successful teaching strategies to the mastery methodology?
  • Would you like to see the mastery approach applied to different curricular areas?
  • Do you want to know how to apply differentiation to mastery assessment?

The National Curriculum now identifies the depth of learning for primary aged students as a key measure of progress. Schools need to adapt their teaching programmes to ensure that depth of learning is assessed in each curricular area. This workshop will demonstrate how to adapt your teaching and assessments to fit into the mastery methodology.

Full Course Content

Mastery and depth of learning

  • Depth of learning and mastery assessment demystified
  • Mastery assessment and differentiation
  • Effective teaching strategies for the mastery methodology
  • Adapting schemes of work for mastery assessment

Mastery across the curriculum

  • The application of mastery assessment to different curricular areas
  • Engaging with mastery level questions
  • Adapting mastery level assessment to a range of subjects
  • Mastery and independent learning

Embedding mastery assessment

  • Modelling mastery level performance
  • Mastery and student motivation
  • Teacher feedback and mastery methodology
  • Reporting student progress to parents