The Practical Guide to Managing Difficult Parents Inset

A down-to-earth guide to building positive relationships with parents

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  • Have you a small number of parents who can sometimes be difficult?
  • Do you want to ensure that relationships with parents and colleagues are as harmonious as possible?
  • Would you like to develop strategies for dealing with conflict and awkward situations?

Many of those who work in schools, support and secretarial as well as teaching, will have encountered a difficult situation with a parent or colleague at least once.  Such encounters can escalate to a situation where awkward conversations are avoided, or there is a complete breakdown in communication. This course will show you positive ways to deal with the difficult conversations we all have and deal with breakdowns in communication.

Course Outcomes:

  • An insight into parents’ perspectives: what frustrates parents and makes them “difficult”
  • Improved skills when dealing with potentially ugly situations
  • Effective preparation for difficult meetings with parents
  • The ability to handle unexpected encounters
  • Increased awareness of the legal issues involved in schools

What other teachers have said about the course

  • Excellent content and delivery. Brilliant to be able to share experiences/ strategies with others.

  • Excellent and food for thought.

Full Course Content

Parents’ Perspectives

  • Why do parents become frustrated? Understanding parents’ perspectives
  • Communication issues and breakdown
  • Effective language and listening skills

Conflict and Anger

  • Why anger builds up
  • How to spot potential problems to avoid 'conflict' or 'anger'
  • How to manage when life becomes ugly
  • Case studies: some real-life situations

Difficult Meetings

  • Preparing for difficult meetings
  • Keeping calm and being in control
  • Know how to cope with unexpected encounters
  • Some legal issues that you really need to know