Making Fear Your Friend - How to Harness Stress and Manage Anxiety Inset

Cutting-edge Research Including the Extreme Worlds of Concert-Level Classical Music and the Rock Face!

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About this course

Recent advances in affective neuroscience are deepening our understanding of emotional wellbeing and helping us to understand its importance. Happy, successful people emerge from their education equipped with a range of tools, which help them to productively use stress, whilst effectively controlling debilitating forms of anxiety.

This course will help you to help your students develop essential skills, skills which will transform their performance in the classroom. They will learn about how our experience of stress is usually linked to competition, and how to frame competition in ways that turn challenging situations into adventures.

Full Course Content

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn how to foster a healthy attitude towards competition
  • Find out how to be a good winner and a good loser
  • Practise turning the dread relating to debilitating anxiety into productive stress
  • Explore how stress can be harnessed to boost creativity
  • Use games, music and art as an adventure playground for tackling anxiety


Course Outline:

Session 1: Productive Stress and Debilitating Anxiety

Defining the causes of fear

Differentiating between productive stress and debilitating anxiety

How competitive are you? Good competition vs bad competition

Good winning and good losing.


Session 2: Transforming flight into fight

Framing emotion within fight or flight

How flight is converted into avoidance behaviours - some people give up

Finding a path back from disengagement and avoidance

Leadership and group dynamics - how to build a team


Session 3: Fear is my Friend

Lessons from the concert platform

Lessons from the rock face

Lessons from evolutionary biology

Lessons from a student transformed