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Add a whole new dimension to your PE teaching with the iPad

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PE is the perfect subject area in which to use iPads and mobile technology. They can be used highly effectively to assess students’ performance with video records, to allow tactics and rules to be discussed and to demonstrate techniques, thus saving hours as students can view these techniques online as part of flipped lessons.


Learn how to best utilise these devices even if you only have one iPad per department. The iPad’s ability to quickly record, manipulate and share information makes it an invaluable tool. The course will demonstrate how the iPad has a genuine place at the heart of PE teaching and will be delivered by one of the UK’s leaders in the educational use of iPads.

NOTE: All delegates MUST bring a fully charged iPad with them, as well as the downloaded apps specified. A list of required apps will be sent one week prior to the running of the course.

Course Aims:

  • Enable teachers to use iPads effectively to support learning in PE, whatever their previous experience
  • Show how iPads can transform PE for performance and assessment
  • Provide the opportunity for teachers to try out and use the most effective apps to support PE
  • Deliver a totally hands-on day to allow you to confidently put into practice Provide the opportunity for teachers to try out and use the most effective apps to support that has been learned and to understand flipped lessons as well as the future of education

What other teachers have said about the course

  • Lots of great ideas delivered in a very friendly and knowledgeable environment. Will use lots of the apps in school.

    Oliver Di-Lieto-Queen Elizabeth's School
  • Brilliant course. Excited about going back to work!

    Clare Morrison -Moyles Court School
  • Fantastic course. A real eye opener. Well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed!

    Mark Napieralla -Physical Activity Sport Service
  • This course was outstanding, with so much information that can be easily used in a classroom setting.

    Garry Clark - Matthew Arnold School

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1:  Practicals

  • How iPads can impact on PE
  • Improving performance using iPads
  • Video and manipulation with iPads
  • Rules, tactics and games

Session 2: The ‘Must Have’ iPad Apps for PE

  • Introducing the apps
  • Using the apps – practical session
  • How to use them in the classroom or on the field – lesson structure
  • How to keep up to date with new app developments

Session 3: Showing Progress

  • Assessment tools
  • Self and peer assessment
  • Feedback
  • Tips for classroom management of iPads