Maximising Pupil Independence in Early Years & KS1

Mastering the curriculum to meet the needs of your children

Cherry Hawker

Cherry Hawker is, above all else, excited about children’s learning! She has always been motivated to promote interactive and memorable learning experiences by her conviction that childhood is precious and that we are privileged to be a part of it. Cherry's career has led her from the classroom to working as a Primary Strategy Consultant and to headships in both small/rural and large/urban primary schools. trainer profile

The techniques shared on this day are designed to have maximum effect from minimum teacher input and many are easily applicable to the widest range of subject areas and age groups. If you are looking for sustained improvements in the quality of learning in your classroom and, subsequently, student progress over time look no further.  This course is aimed at teachers who want to promote a class full of independent thinkers.  A student body that can not only think for themselves but also work together!  The day will be packed with a raft of practical ideas to promote autonomous thought and collaboration. 

Course Outcomes:

  • Explore the Zone of Proximal Development and consider what aspirational learning looks like.
  • Questions are the cornerstone of effective learning – an opportunity to evaluate the learning value and potential of our questions
  • Plan how to hand the learning power to our pupils – what and how do our pupils want to learn?
  • Explore how independent thinking skills can be channelled for effective learning opportunities
  • The opportunity to gain an understanding metacognition and practical ideas to apply in the classroom
  • Making sure that we learn and live by easy to use time management and planning tools.

Full Course Content

Improving Teacher and Student Questioning Skills

  • Strategies for improving the quality of teacher questions
  • Techniques for improving the number and quality of student questions
  • Ensuring universal student engagement

Increasing Student Independence and Adding Greater Challenge to Lessons

  • Ways of supporting students in ‘learning how to learn’
  • Using thinking skills to improve independence and challenge
  • Metacognition - practical ideas for the classroom

Multi-tasking – the sad truth

  • What do we really mean by multi-tasking and can it really be done?
  • Prioritisation: can we really teach it to our student
  • Choosing one thing and doing it right.  Exploring the idea of deeper thinking
  • Am I missing anything?  Managing the anxiety of multimedia