Improving Classroom Performance in the Humanities Classroom

Tried and tested classroom management strategies for History, Geography and RS teachers

Steve Garnett

Steve Garnett has been a teacher for 24 years. He has delivered INSETs to over 7,000 teachers over the past 10 years in the UK, Ireland and across Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Teachers who have attended Steve's courses have regularly described them as 'inspirational'. trainer profile

Based upon their highly acclaimed book 'Spoon Feed No More', this 100% practical course is delivered in the unique hands-on Dragonfly way. The emphasis will be upon presenting exciting yet academically rigorous teaching strategies that have been proven to work, as well as tried and tested classroom management strategies. All the examples will draw from the History, Geography and RS classrooms

 If you are looking for buzz words, jargon and excuses for underachievement, please move on. If you are looking for a truly inspirational course that's been proven to deliver, look no further.

Full Course Content

This Course Aims to:

  • Debunk the myths that seriously hinder teaching
  • Provide a cutting-edge synthesis of what works and what doesn't in real classrooms
  • Present delegates with dozens of teaching strategies that really work
  • Showcase effective planning and the need for academic rigour
  • Deliver the content from a ‘what works best’ perspective

Course Outline:

Laying the Foundations Correctly

  • Planning the journey the pupils take
  • The acquisition of skills and content
  • On-going revision and constant reinforcement
  • Creating a climate for learning: what pupils really want from their teacher

Outstanding Teaching and Learning

  • Raising the bar whilst leaving no-one behind
  • The very best practice in AFL
  • Getting the very best exam results

Moving on from the Basics

  • Getting them through the syllabus
  • Creating effective deep learning
  • Key tips to exam success
  • The top five tips gathered from around the world