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About this course

The greatest challenge facing a teacher is to get and then hold their pupils’ attention. Traditionally, iron discipline, backed up by corporal punishment was the standard procedure. As the profession has (thankfully) evolved, teachers have searched for new ways to attract and sustain attention. This course is an introduction to an exciting new approach, which explores how our emotions influence attention, and how emotion needs to be at the centre of the teaching process.

Course Outcomes:

  • Work out how to attract pupils’ attention
  • Find out how to hold their attention, using an understanding of emotion as the main mechanism
  • Learn how emotion is central to motivation
  • Explore how relevant your own emotions are to the process of teaching
  • Use games, music and art as an adventure playground for tackling anxiety



Full Course Content

Course Outline:


Session 1: Getting and holding attention

The six basic human emotions

Welcoming emotion into the classroom

Our fear of losing control

The power station for attention


Session 2: Motivation

Epistemology - helping pupils know what school is for

Outside help - the paramedic who explained how she uses maths and geography

How can I change the world? Children's innate altruism and how to foster it

Perceptible improvement - how motivation is linked to a sense that their knowledge and skills are developing


Session 3: Unleashing your emotions

Modelling - how children imitate you. If they're going to engage with their emotions, you'll have to engage with yours

Exploring how your emotions motivate you

The importance of fear and why it shouldn't be banished

Keeping emotion front and centre when things get dry