Remember, Remember - how to build and use a memory palace Inset

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Memory palaces have been used since antiquity as powerful tools for storing information in long-term memory. All memory champions use them in order to perform staggering feats, but the good news is that anyone can learn to use the techniques that they employ. With the recent change of emphasis away from coursework towards more traditional exams, students are under increased pressure to develop memory skills.


Course Outcomes:

  • Learn how to build a memory palace
  • Explore narrative techniques that help students to create concepts from facts
  • Unleash the history of your subject area; how the story of challenge and discovery captures our imagination
  • Breaching the divide; find out how dismantling subject boundaries broadens understanding

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: Building a Memory Palace

The story of Simonides of Ceos

Mixing long and short-term memory

A list of twenty random facts


Session 2: Memory & Narrative

How stories shape our thinking

Unearthing the stories behind your subject area

Creating your own narratives as an aid to memory

Narrative and parallel processes


Session 3: Beyond subject boundaries

How to teach across the divide

The advantages of an integrated approach

Giving pupils good reasons to learn

Teaching pupils to teach their teachers