Growth Mindset in Teaching and Learning Inset

Developing independent resilient learners and teachers in your school.

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Our schools need better, more productive learners who are prepared to face the challenges of exams and tests as well as the world of work. Confident resilient learners and teachers can deliver the grades through effective implementation of Growth Mindset.

One of the most fundamental skills a learner can possess is the ability to understand how they learn, what they learn, and to be able to overcome difficulties when they don’t get it right the first time. Developing a Growth Mindset for learners helps them to develop a love of learning and motivates them to be productive and proactive in approaching learning challenges. It makes learners more resilient and prepared for any type of adversity. 

Dedication, hard work and an understanding of what is and could be possible with a Growth Mindset process can alleviate many challenges our schools are currently facing. It supports learner wellbeing as well as intrinsic motivation to reach the highest levels of achievement without losing confidence about the learning process and academic achievement. 

Getting learners and teachers to embrace Growth Mindset can support high achievement and the willingness to go beyond the norm.  Growth Mindset develops effective communication, builds self-confidence and adaptability so that learning will make them ready for exams, work and lifelong learning. 

This course will also allow teachers to develop their own Growth Mindset to create a teaching culture of high expectations and a continuous path of personal and professional development. 

Full Course Content

In this course you will learn:

  • The philosophy and application of a Growth Mindset approach
  • Developing a Growth Mindset culture in your school
  • How to develop resilient learners
  • How to developing positive learning habits
  • Transforming your students into independent learners with high expectations
  • The effectiveness of Growth Mindset on wellbeing and mental health
  • Coaching techniques to support the differentiated needs of leaners in your classrooms 
  • Working with parents on the Growth Mindset approach at home
  • How school staff can apply and maintain a Growth Mindset approach for their own personal and professional development.