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Getting hooked back into Learning

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Why do children become disengaged from learning?

There are a number of reasons: self-esteem, confidence, academic ability, lack of diversity and differentiation in teaching, inclusive learning experiences and their own needs as individuals. Whether it is the gifted and talented or that with specific learning and living differences, every learner has unique needs, one size does not fit all!  This can lead to underperformance in and out of class, and this is true for us as teachers too. 

So what do we need to do to make sure all children and teachers are engaged in thought provoking, challenging lessons that have a range of learning experiences with imaginative and curious tools for learning and teaching?

This course will reignite the passion for developing a philosophy and application of teaching and learning experiences that set high expectations and aspirations; the key to enhancing progress and performance and the secret to engaging the disengaged. 

The session will show you simple and practical teaching and learning strategies that can have an overwhelming effect on the way children learn and how they push themselves to new heights of achievement. Creating curiosity and wonder in the classroom is one of the essential ways we can engage our disengaged learners. Intrigued? Join me on this course to find out how you can re-ignite a passion for learning in your classroom by engaging everyone. 


Full Course Content

In this course you will learn:

  • How and why children become disengaged
  • How a lack of engagement affects results and pupil performance
  • How to meet the needs of all pupils from SEN to Gifted and Talented
  • How to engage teachers in sharing good practice and a philosophy of curiosity in learning
  • How to develop effective learning opportunities for all
  • How to create a climate of success and differentiation
  • That motivation through effective relationships can support pupil engagement. 
  • How digital technology can engage the disengaged
  • How communication, collaboration and creativity are key for pupil engagement