Awe & Wonder: The Early Years Classroom Inset

Keeping learning personal and reaching our goals

Cherry Hawker

Cherry Hawker is, above all else, excited about children’s learning! She has always been motivated to promote interactive and memorable learning experiences by her conviction that childhood is precious and that we are privileged to be a part of it. Cherry's career has led her from the classroom to working as a Primary Strategy Consultant and to headships in both small/rural and large/urban primary schools. trainer profile
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  • Do you want the inspiration to create the moments that make children sigh with happiness?
  • Are you looking for inspiration for your setting?
  • Do you yearn to hear more of the excited bubble of happy children immersed in learning?
  • Would a host of practical ideas empower you to plan for your children and leave Google behind?

This exciting course is rich in practical ideas that you can use to inspire your children the very next day.

It covers both practical and sensible advice which will help you to create an enriched provision for your children. It will help you to review your current practice and plan simple actions which will make a real difference to creating the independent learners of the future. It will help you to plan for the rich variety of learning that children learn most from – a recipe for success!

Course Outcomes:

  • Undertake a review of the provision of your setting against good practice
  • Discover further ways to promote independence: what can a child achieve on their own and where can your help take them?
  • Learn how to ask more effective questions that promote learning rather than confirming knowledge
  • Develop your skills in structured conversations with your students and keeping the dialogue open with our colleagues

Full Course Content

Making it personal

  • The key to exciting, diverse and innovative planning
  • Making the most of the unexpected
  • Unpicking pedagogy that enables the learner

The learning environment

  • Creating risk takers – the emotional diet
  • Taking learning outdoors, how to make your environment work for you
  • Independent and indoors

The role of the adult

  • The proximal zone of development – making it work for you
  • The art of asking the right questions
  • Shared thinking – understanding the process and tips for making it work