Awe and Wonder in the English Classroom

Making English the beating heart of your school and inspiring students with the wondrous possibilities of the English curriculum

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is one of the most experienced and gifted trainers and school leaders in his field. Throughout years in school leadership, Dave has remained focused on the magic of the classroom, and is often cited as an inspiration to his students and his colleagues alike. trainer profile

English is the most inventive, inspiring, awesome and wonderful subject in the curriculum, but English teachers and leaders are so anxious about accountability and prescriptive exams they neglect to bring Awe and Wonder into English lessons - and miss out on the top grades because of it.

Are your English lessons too 'safe' to inspire students, achieve the highest grades and instil a lifelong love of literature and language?

Are you so anxious about accountability and the new 9-1 exams that you take too many 'easy options' with texts and approaches?

Are you looking to bring the awe and wonder back into your English curriculum and create the buzz that comes from being 'the beating heart of the school'?

Full Course Content

Course Aims:

  • Focus English teachers on the myriad opportunities to bring awe and wonder into the classroom while preparing students for the highest grades of exam success
  • Share loads of practical strategies for bringing awesome literature and language to life in the classroom and the curriculum
  • Give teachers the confidence to teach the texts and lessons which students will remember for years to come, and resources to make it happen

Course Outline:

Awesome Literature

  • The best words in the best order - teaching the poetry that transforms lives
  • Making Shakespeare the heart beating of your curriculum
  • Blasting the canon into the classroom
  • Teaching whole-texts and making them amazing

Wonderful Language

  • The Wonder of the English Language - from Year 7 to Year 11
  • Making grammar awesome
  • Skilling students for the GCSE Language exam by making them love the details

The Awesome English teacher

  • 'O Captain! My Captain!' Secrets of the life-changing English teacher
  • Lessons that students will remember for a lifetime
  • How to stand up to SLT when they want to clip your wings.
  • The awesome curriculum map - what to study and when