Autism Awareness for Schools Inset

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  • Want to be able to deliver effective and personalised provision for Autistic Spectrum Disorder students in your school?
  • Do your staff need training to not only meet the needs of ASD students but really understand what ASD actually means.
  • If differentiation, inclusion and entitlement for all learners is your priority then should meeting the needs of your ASD students should be a priority too?

This course is designed for all teachers from all phases to become familiar with ASD strategies and needs. You will gain a thorough understanding and introduction into Autism Awareness allowing you to meet the needs of all learners in your school.  ASD is a complex area, but having the skills and strategies to meet the unique needs of these special learners is one that can not be overlooked and will actually help understand all children better.

This course aims to:

  • Develop a much better understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Enable you to meet the diverse needs of students with ASD whilst functioning as a mainstream school
  • Explore analogue and digital ways of developing communication skills with ASD standards
  • Share the unique SPELL Framework for supporting students with ASD

Full Course Content

Understanding Autism

  • What is Autism? The facts explained, the myths debunked
  • Common difficulties for ASD students
  • Strengths and attributes of ASD students
  • Challenging common stereotypes and embracing diversity

Autism and Communication

  • Variations in the use of language and communication for ASD students
  • Effective use of Digital Technology and ASD
  • Successful communication strategies proven to be effective
  • How to recognise and respond to individual needs without scarifying the majority

Using the SPELL Framework for those with ASD

  • Understanding structures that make the world accessible for ASD students
  • Positive approaches and expectations for ASD
  • Empathy for communication and anxiety for ASD
  • Piecing it all together into one coherent strategy