Achieving Grade 9 in GCSE English Language and Literature

Inspire your most able English students to achieve the new gold standard grade 9

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is one of the most experienced and gifted trainers and school leaders in his field. Throughout years in school leadership, Dave has remained focused on the magic of the classroom, and is often cited as an inspiration to his students and his colleagues alike. trainer profile
  • Do you want to inspire your most-able English students to achieve the new gold-standard Grade 9?​​​​
  • Do you feel confident in exemplifying what those Grade 9 responses look like?​​
  • Do you want a ready-to-use bank of strategies and resources to give your students the best chance of top-grade success?

Have you found that exam board webinars just don’t cut the mustard? Have you had enough of those laborious and frustratingly bland webinars, as a non-committal advisor skirts around the questions that you type into the corner of the screen? One-by-one, you watch the other ‘participants’ leave the training, and wonder when to ‘jump’ yourself.

This course offers face-to-face training with like-minded colleagues, under the expert guidance of our inspirational trainer and expert English teacher, who will provide you with a bank of teaching resources, sample answers, revision materials and inspirational teaching strategies that you can use with your class the very next day. The course materials build upon OFQUAL descriptors and reference all major boards; the examples, approaches and resources are appropriate for students of all boards.

Course Outcomes:

  • Receive a rigorous and explicit break down of the qualities and features of top-grade answers
  • Scrutinise and examine each of GCSE Literature, GCSE Language Reading, and GCSE Language Writing
  • Get a bank of ready-to-use resources that can be shared with your class and colleagues the following day
  • Try out a range of teaching and revision strategies which give your students every chance of Grade 9

Full Course Content

Achieving Grade 9 in English Literature

  • How to sustain a convincing conceptualised response to explicit and implicit meanings of texts
  • Examples of insightful critical analysis of language, form and structure, across a range of texts
  • What are the ‘judicious and perfectly selected’ quotes, and how do students memorise them?
  • How to make illuminating comparisons, and what is judicious use of subject terminology?

Achieving Grade 9 in English Language - Reading

  • How to critically evaluate ‘unseen’ texts with detailed and perceptive understanding
  • Reading the explicit and implicit and considering perspectives and viewpoints
  • Strategies to support analysis and evaluation of language, grammar and structure
  • How to generate and illustrate opinions with illuminating references to texts and contexts

Achieving Grade 9 in English Language - Writing

  • Beautiful and influential writing – how to shape and structure it without bamboozling the examiners.
  • How to encourage ambition which maintaining accuracy
  • Strategies and teaching techniques to develop creativity and flair
  • Examples of effectively-structured responses, highlighting a wide range of sentence types, structures and vocabulary to enhance impact