What Makes an Outstanding History Lesson...And How Close Are You Inset

Creating that buzz in History

Aaron Wilkes

Aaron is also one of the leading authors in school publishing as well as being a highly regarded and skilled teacher. His energetic and creative style is reflected in both his teaching and his books, which are loved by teachers and their students all over the country. trainer profile
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Do you want history lessons where the students are fully engaged, totally committed to the cause and are making lots of progress?

Do you want lessons where students (and teachers) enjoy the time shared together?

Do you want to create these sorts of lessons consistently?

This course will explore what is required to deliver top quality lessons – consistently, over time - and achieve the sort of lesson feedback that all teachers strive for. It will focus on practical, down-to-earth advice, tips and techniques to help you prepare your lessons, your schemes, your room and your department for the moment when that Inspector comes calling!

Full Course Content

This Course Aims to:

  • Explore proven techniques and models of excellent practice that will allow you to adapt existing lesson plans and schemes of work
  • Demonstrate how you can create an environment and curriculum that supports outstanding learning and progress in history
  • Ensure you are up to date with what the inspectorate really say (and mean)
  • Highlight what preparations you might want to make before an inspection team arrives

Course Outline

What do the Inspectors Really Want?

  • What inspectors want and how it can relate to history
  • What does it take to be ‘outstanding’ in history?
  • Dispelling the Ofsted myths – the top 8
  • Ten questions to ask of your own history curriculum

An Outstanding Lesson – A Practical Guide

  • What inspectors want and how it can relate to history
  • Preparing the lesson – delivering the lesson-historical skills AND content
  • My experiences, my feedback – as a teacher and faculty leader
  • Ensuring pupils are stretched and challenged in history

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

  • The fail-safe lesson template that can apply to all your history lessons
  • Effective and proven methods to manage your history classroom
  • Nurture independent AND collaborative learning-top tips from the chalk face
  • If you can answer these three questions about your history department, you’re sorted!