Stretch and Challenge Your Most Able Students Inset

Providing successful strategies for engaging with the more able rather than simply Identifying them

Alan Jervis

Alan has delivered over 1,600 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience - including seven as an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching, learning and assessment - Alan has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies. trainer profile
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Do you want more ways to stretch your most able in the classroom?

Would you like a treasure chest of strategies, tailored to your subject, that are low on preparation time, but very effective?

Would you prefer a more modern approach to teaching the more able based upon flair and creativity rather than form filling and ticking boxes?


In addition to examining issues of provision for your most able students, this course will explore practical classroom approaches to meet their needs in a mixed ability or ability based setting. The strategies will challenge and stretch every student. Delegates will leave the course with a host of new ideas they can use tomorrow with the minimum of teacher preparation time required.

What other teachers have said about the course

  • Engaging! This has to be the most engaging CPD I have ever attended. Enjoyed it very much and gained some great ideas.

    Iolanthe Rodman - Goff's School
  • Great course! Very refreshing.Provided me with easy hands on activities that can be used with any age group or subject.

    Lisa Dooikeweerd - Cambridge International School
  • Fast paced, enjoyable and full of ideas that can actually be used.

    Darren Mitchell - Bradfield College
  • Outstanding course and trainer. So many useful tips to take away.

    Katherine Reading-Fullbrook School
  • Great session with lots of useful and realistic ideas for use in lessons, especially when related to subject areas.

    Catherine Steel- Solway Community Technology
  • Really good insight in to how you can stretch and challenge pupils. Lots of practical ideas to take away!

    Georgia Kent-Christ College
  • Really useful techniques to help a range of subjects. Practise based learning to encourage retention. Friendly atmosphere and supportive trainer.

    Davina Bennett-Langley Academy
  • Good tailoring to specific subjects. Shown how to use instead of told.

    Niamh Kennedy -South Hampstead High School (GDST)

Full Course Content

This Course Aims to:

  • Identify challenging pedagogies for the most able and tailor them to individual delegates
  • Explore and discuss practical strategies for stretching the highest achievers
  • Discuss ideas and strategies for embedding thinking skills into students’ learning
  • Provide numerous techniques for maintaining the motivation and improvement of the most able

Course Outline:

Most Able Students in a Mixed Ability or Ability Setting

  • Ideas to stretch the most able in a mixed ability setting
  • A variety of pedagogies to challenge the most able
  • Stimulating higher order thinking skills properly – not just lip service.
  • Approaches to realistic differentiation that really means something.

Embedding Provision Across the Faculties

  • Ideas to enrich the curriculum
  • Strategies to promote creativity
  • Models to embed thinking skills
  • Lesson plans for the most able

Creating an Outstanding Provision

  • Enrichment activities to augment the curriculum
  • Raising the bar for the most able (and all)
  • Teacher expectations to the desired goals
  • Latest research on teaching the most able