The Computing Curriculum According to Scratch the Cat Inset

Make a powerful ally in delivering the computing curriculum in the form of a programmable orange cat!

Alan O'Donohoe

Through his work in the classroom, Alan has earned an excellent reputation within computer science education and has a wealth of experience in delivering courses which have been consistently graded by teachers and inspectors as "outstanding". trainer profile
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This course, designed for KS1 and 2 teachers, unlocks the full potential of Scratch, an essential stepping-stone for teaching computing.

Scratch is ideal for education. It’s free, supported by a vast community of educators and has a 'low floor and a high ceiling', meaning it can accommodate your most resistant and your most able learners.

The course is practical and hands-on from the start and you'll be learning the fundamentals of computing and programming via exciting tasks, including drawing computer graphics, creating simple games, and interfacing with the real world.

Scratch the CatCourse covers:

  • Getting set up with the right version of Scratch
  • Scratch and the Primary Computing Curriculum
  • Concepts of Computing
  • Scratch and the real world
  • Road-tested Activities and Resources for your class

and much more!

The session is suitable for beginners to intermediate KS1 and 2 teachers.

What other teachers have said about the course

  • Good practical ideas, went at the right pace for the beginners in the group. Great to have access to the links and the opportunity to look at these as they are updated.

    Sharon Lucas, Halsford Park Primary School
  • Very well explained - went through all the steps at a very manageable pace. Explained Scratch and how it can be used in many different ways.

    Olivia Grossman, Rimon Jewish Primary School
  • I liked the practical experience. We were able to try it out as we went. It was brilliant. So helpful and motivating!

    Helen Sonemann, Swaffield Primary School

Full Course Content

Getting set up

  • Scratch versions
  • Using Scratch on school networks

Scratch and the Primary Curriculum

  • Sequences
  • Loops
  • Conditionals
  • Events
  • Data
  • Operators
  • Variables
  • Preparing pupils for textual coding with Python

Projects to inspire and motivate

  • Turtle drawing
  • Games
  • High scores
  • Gravity and scrolling backgrounds

Solving Problems

  • Reaction timer
  • Random name picker
  • Traffic lights
  • Build a stop watch

Connecting Scratch to the Real World

  • Makey Makey
  • PicoBoard
  • Make traffic lights
  • Build a burglar alarm
  • Build a computer game controller
  • Build a fruit piano!


  • Lesson plans from Scratch Creative Curriculum
  • Links
  • Scratch Recipes
  • Sharing resources with other teachers