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Sharpen up your programming skills and teach GCSE effectively using Python.

Alan O'Donohoe

Through his work in the classroom, Alan has earned an excellent reputation within computer science education and has a wealth of experience in delivering courses which have been consistently graded by teachers and inspectors as "outstanding". trainer profile
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Starting with a comparison to other languages, you'll explore how Python can be introduced to pupils using an interactive interpreter (Idle), discuss ways to help pupils understand a transition from a graphical language like Scratch, and work through all the fundamental programming concepts using Python.

You'll cover using some of the built-in libraries, including the graphical Turtle library.

You'll take a look at some inspiring projects and see how Python can work with the Raspberry Pi computer to show how programming can be part of the real world, including a demonstration of the Minecraft Python API.

You'll have a chance to share resources you've found useful and other teachers have found beneficial.

Finally, you'll work through some sample GCSE controlled assessment tasks.

Course covers:

  • Comparing Python with other languages, including Scratch
  • An orientation to Python
  • Useful Python libraries for graphics, games and modelling
  • Python for creative projects, including the Raspberry Pi
  • Python for controlled assessments

*IMPORTANT: This course requires recent experience with a textual language, such as Java, Visual Basic, C++ etc - or Python, of course. If you've only ever done Scratch and some html, you are likely to struggle to keep up and would be better suited to our Python (KS3) course.


What other teachers have said about the course

  • Very well paced. Tutors very helpful in delivering a difficult concept for most of the group. I felt relaxed and many of my concerns were addressed.

    Ray Isaacs, Sir John Gleed
  • I really liked that we were allowed to explore at our own pace when necessary. The trainers were both very good, knowledgeable and friendly.

    Stephen Trask, Burgess Hill School for Girls
  • I really liked the delivery and pace of the lesson. It suited me and I also liked the way Les was able to answer EVERY question I had.

    Megan Patterson, Chorlton High School

Full Course Content

A Programmer's Orientation to Python

  • Types
  • Assignments
  • Statements
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Function definitions

Python Libraries

  • Turtle
  • Time
  • Random
  • Math

Creative Python Projects

Ways of making coding cool, and a brief look at embedded computing and Python with Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi

GCSE Controlled Assessment Problem Solving

For the remainder of the time you'll work in small groups to solve some sample controlled assessments for GCSE