Performance - How to Excel in a High-Performance Environment

Cutting-edge research including the extreme worlds of concert-level classical music and the rock face!

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Recent advances in affective neuroscience are deepening our understanding of emotional wellbeing. It doesn't seem very likely that the causes of stress in the education sector for both students and staff are going away anytime soon. Stress triggers fight or flight responses in us; our anxiety is then multiplied as we feel that we can neither fight nor run away. We end up trapped.

Help can come from unexpected sources. The arts might be increasingly pushed to the edge of the curriculum, but scientists are gradually recognising that the arts are far from peripheral when it comes to our emotional wellbeing. They also act as a crucible for learning about how to deal with anxiety, whether it affects you in the classroom or your pupils as they walk into the exam hall.

Course Outcomes:

  • Learn how to use music and art to promote your emotional wellbeing
  • Practise dealing with stress and explore how anxiety can be harnessed to boost creativity
  • Learn tricks for handling a hostile audience
  • Deal with the anxieties that stop your pupils from being their best and discover that fear is their (and your) friend

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: Fight or flight

  • Defining the causes of stress
  • Science and the arts to the rescue
  • The latest thinking on the arts and emotion
  • Graduating from hiding behind the sofa to sitting on it

Session 2: Music, art and the body

  • Links between emotion and the body
  • What performers in the arts can teach performers in the classroom
  • Discovering the power of a supporting cast; your students
  • ‘Good’ competition vs ‘bad’ competition

Session 3: Fear is my friend

  • Lessons from the concert platform
  • Lessons from the rock face
  • Lessons from evolutionary biology
  • Lessons from a medical student