Moving Beyond Mindset: Using Cognitive Behaviour Coaching to Optimise Performance in the Classroom Inset

Evidence-based practice to optimise performance in high-achieving students

CPD for Teachers

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Can Cognitive Behavioural Group-Coaching (CBC), frequently used on promising executives to increase leadership skills, be used with Secondary School students to optimise performance and reduce patterns of procrastination? The answer to that is yes, it can!

CBC is an extremely effective and evidence-based method to reduce unhelpful perfectionism, procrastination and performance anxiety often seen in students, leading to enhanced performance and well-being.

Given the strong demand to increase those traits in our students, would you like the teachers at your school to be trained in the principles of CBC and how to use it effectively with outstanding results in this highly practical one-day course?

Course Outcomes:

  • Acquire a wide range of cutting-edge strategies to promote more flexible thinking in your students
  • Learn how to use CBC in group sessions to optimise results and outcome
  • Understand how evidence-based CBC is used to change and replace frequently occurring faulty cognitions and promote well-being
  • Explore and master the key principles of CBC helping your students to increase self-regulation and resilience and combat procrastination, perfectionism and self-handicapping behaviours
  • Utilise tried and tested scientific techniques to help optimise students’ true potential by reducing the gap between actual and desired performance

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: The principles of CBC

  • The research behind evidence-based CBC – a whistle-stop tour
  • Having the right mindset: focusing on future opportunities, not past mistakes
  • What are self-handicapping behaviours in our students? Identifying key traits
  • Back to Socratic questions and empirical testing: usefulness, evidence, logic

Session 2: Teachers as coaches: implementing cutting-edge techniques

  • Reshaping ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) and turning PITs into PETs (Performance Interfering… to Performance Enhancing Thoughts)
  • Mastering the SPACE, GROW and ABCDE models
  • Practical Performance Enhancing Thinking that really works
  • Procrastinate no more

Session 3: Bridging the gap: ways to promote key strengths

  • Seligman’s Positive Psychology approach in the classroom/coaching session
  • Developing Students’ Signature Strengths
  • Raising Awareness and Reducing Performance Anxiety
  • Mastering progressive relaxation techniques