Managing and Supporting ASD Pupils in the Classroom Inset

The Practical Guide to Providing the Best for these and all our pupils

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Children with ASD find busy classrooms difficult to cope with and teachers often have to deal with the resulting very challenging behaviour.  Careful planning and a gradual increase in the level of challenge can often lead to a much happier atmosphere and one where all the children can thrive.  This course aims to give teachers practical ideas of how to engage and support children with ASD and encourage their independence in the classroom.

Course Outcomes:

  • Establish a good understanding of how to create a calm, productive classroom through the language we use.
  • Gain practical ideas of how to develop a stimulating but calm environment.
  • Provide practical activities for the whole class but with focussed support for children with ASD.

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: Which works best the spoken word or pictures?

  • Examine the interpretation and development of language and how important it is for communication
  • How do pupils with ASD respond in class, what skills are needed
  • Developing the key skills to support pupils with ASD in a busy Primary classroom

Session 2: The sensory environment is so important

  • How to help provide an environment which reduces anxiety levels in pupils with ASD and other behavioural problems
  • Creating an environment conducive to support all pupils’ learning
  • Developing social stories as a support for ASD pupils and others, during times of transition

Session 3: Developing enthusiasm and independence

  • Creating a range of extended repeated activities which encourages confidence and independence within the classroom
  • Establishing activities that encourage the development of the imagination for pupils with ASD
  • How to maximise the use of technology as a stimulating visual tool to enhance learning.