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A powerful training day that will give you a fresh and unique perspective on managing the diverse needs of the pupils you teach - and it all begins with YOU!

Philippa Vince

Philippa has over 15 years’ experience in education with 10 years primarily in special needs. She now works in a wide variety of settings. This includes SEN consultancy work for a mainstream school. Alongside holding the SEN role on a consultancy basis, she leads the Additionally Resourced ‘ARMS’, which caters for 10 children with physical disabilities. These children are managed within the normal mainstream classes. trainer profile

Dineo Brittan-Dodd

Dineo has vast and varied experience of working with individuals and groups, in psychology, mental health, education and coaching & development. Having trained with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), one of the most highly regarded coach training programmes in the world, she is now also a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) using Core Energy CoachingTM, a unique and innovative framework to help us understand why we act and react in certain ways. The framework and process are powerful tools to enable clients to reflect on their own behaviours and triggers, become more self-aware and to create action plans in order to move forward in the way they choose. trainer profile
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Are you looking for a day that will turn traditional thinking around behaviour management on its head?


Do you want a set of skills and ideas that have the potential to revolutionise your daily teaching experience?


Do you want cutting-edge ideas embedded in coaching practice and principles, that will give you a renewed understanding of what triggers certain behaviours and how you have the power to change them?



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Imagine having a virtual tool box of concepts, strategies and new perspectives that can be used in your school and implemented immediately. Throughout the day we will give you a wide range of behaviour management strategies which will be realistic and can be tailored to your own situation.