Making It Stick - Retention, Techniques for a Knowledge-rich Curriculum Inset

Effective, proven and engaging techniques that will give your students the tools to retain and recall the information they need to succeed

Aaron Wilkes

Aaron is also one of the leading authors in school publishing as well as being a highly regarded and skilled teacher. His energetic and creative style is reflected in both his teaching and his books, which are loved by teachers and their students all over the country. trainer profile
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About this course

  • Would you like your students to have an increased ability to recall, retain and apply the information they need for exam success?
  • Do you want to develop resilience in your students and empower them with a range of retention strategies?
  • Would you like to create a dynamic, active learning environment where all students are both engaged and challenged?

This course will outline and exemplify a range of tried and tested techniques that will help your students retain and recall knowledge in the ‘new world’ of increased exam content and linear examinations.


Course Outcomes:

  • Leave with a range of effective revision and retention techniques that have been proven to work
  • Explore the latest evidence and research into the science of successful learning
  • Understand how to set up lessons and activities where the students work a lot harder than they have done before
  • Gain an insight into whole-school strategies and resources that can be simply implemented


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