Effective Differentiation For MFL Inset

Practical solutions to motivate a mixed-ability classroom

Peter Dawes

Peter Dawes is an engaging and enthusiastic trainer with a broad repertoire of practical ideas. He has 17 years’ experience of teaching MFL in a variety of schools and has taught English abroad. trainer profile
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  • Would you like to move away from the model of planning 3 lessons within each lesson?
  • Would you like to ensure high levels of engagement for all pupils in your MFL classroom?
  • Would you like to make differentiation less of a chore and bolt-on task, and more of a way to embed student progress?

Effective Differentiation is a crucial element in MFL. Even in mixed-ability settings, all pupils can make great progress, but only if a realistic approach is adopted. Differentiation need not require extra time and effort - besides, the notion of planning 3 sub-lessons within each lesson is simply unsustainable. In this course we will identify more practical and manageable strategies, drawing equally upon traditional ’pen and paper’ methods allied to easily implemented technological solutions.

Delivered by a highly experienced MFL teacher, and one of our most experienced trainers, this course will carefully explore what effective differentiation in the languages classroom should look like. Discover how improving students’ autonomy and individualising learning opportunities can lead to outstanding progress for all, and maybe even an improved uptake of the subject!

This course has been updated to reflect the new MFL curriculum.

We strongly recommend you bring along a tablet device (don’t forget to charge it up!).

A mobile phone is fine too.

Full Course Content

Course Outcomes:

  • Take away ready-made resources for immediate use in your lessons the next day!
  • Learn simple, realistic techniques for quick and easy inclusion
  • Gain experience in employing essential tech tricks to improve pupil autonomy
  • Understand the importance of putting individual pupil progress at the forefront of all lessons

Course Outline:

Session 1

  • How to differentiate – Open-ended yet structured. Plus: making grammar more fun (no, honestly!)
  • Lower level language but higher order thinking!
  • Quick differentiation techniques leading to outstanding learning
  • Making Growth Mindset work in reality


Session 2

  • Making the new curriculum work – Target language and the four skills
  • A ‘No Passengers’ approach to effective collaboration and groupwork
  • Manageable feedback for greater engagement and motivation
  • Activities and lesson planning - tried and trusted, engaging, but with enough challenge

Session 3

  • Great starters and plenaries for inclusivity.
  • Enhancing progress - digital and traditional methods!
  • Exploiting video - to further Speaking and Writing skills
  • Best of the Web - from personalised learning to unmissable teacher resources