Effective Differentiation For MFL Inset

Practical solutions to motivate a mixed ability language classroom

Robert Pike

Robert Pike is an experienced trainer, author and teacher of French. He recently co-authored a new ‘A level’ French textbook for AQA, as well as several products for the new GCSE. He has worked on many other French products such as Allez, Studio and Clic trainer profile
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Differentiation is at the very heart of effective teaching and learning in languages. Even in mixed ability settings all pupils can make great progress and individualised learning is key to this. Differentiation should not require extra time and effort. Learn the techniques and apply them effectively and efficiently. That is what this course is all about.

Delivered by an experienced trainer, teacher and author, explore what effective differentiation in the languages classroom can look like. How improving students’ autonomy and individualising learning opportunities can lead to outstanding progress for all, a happy classroom and improved uptake of the subject.

This course has been updated in view of the new MFL curriculum, but retains the core ideas that previous delegates have been so enthused by.

Full Course Content

This Course Aims to:

  • Ensure lessons aim for outstanding progress for all
  • Unpick how to plan for inclusion quickly and easily
  • Utilise all key forms of differentiation effectively
  • Put individual pupil progress at the forefront of all lessons
  • Remove lack of time as a barrier to great differentiation


Course Outline:

Making growth mind-set a reality in MFL

  • Modelling and targeting – pupils aiming above their ‘best’
  • The beauty of inclusion – happy classrooms
  • How to differentiate – the full toolkit
  • Quick differentiation techniques leading to outstanding learning

Inclusive, engaging MFL lessons

  • Making the new curriculum work – new skills for all
  • Target language, the four skills, engagement and motivation
  • Feedback everywhere – narrowing gaps, collaborative learning and progress for everyone
  • Activities and lesson plans – proven, exciting, inclusive

Progress for all in MFL

  • Great plenaries – new approaches to inclusive discussions, and gauging progress of all
  • Targeting progress – pupils who understand where they are and how to progress
  • Skill up MFL students to provide great feedback
  • Reviewing, personalising and improving lesson plans – even better next time!