EYFS Inspirational Dance and Movement

Discover the importance of physical activity in the early years and find out how to embed learning for young children (aged 2-5 years) in fun, physically active play.

CPD for Teachers

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The session will show how dance and movement can make strong links with all Prime and Specific Areas of the EYFS.

The aims of the training are:

  • To understand the importance of physical activity in the early years
  • To develop confidence to extend the physical activity opportunities within the setting
  • To create an inspiring environment where children can engage and learn
  • To understand that creative planning can elicit excellent responses
  • To engage children by using a range of stimuli
  • To provide attendees with confidence in the areas of dance, movement, singing and music

EYFS Dance and Movement

Full Course Content

Understanding Dance and Movement Pedagogy

  • Assessment and awareness of needs
  • Practical warm-up ideas and cardio exercise

External Influences in Movement

  • Using stories as a foundation for movement
  • Developing role-play
  • Understanding choreography

Focus on EYFS Framework

  • Linking movement with Prime and Specific Areas
  • Developing balance, co-ordination and gross motor skills

Resource Ideas in Dance and Movement

  • World Dance and Cultural Movement
  • Creating dance patterns

Singing and Music Making

  • Understanding rhythm
  • Creating a calm environment