Creating High-Performance Leadership Teams

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CPD for Teachers

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In a cognitively diverse environment, a message sent is not necessarily a message received. Some people respond well to facts, figures, and statistics; others are inspired by real-life stories. Some people’s preferred means of communications are electronic; others prefer face-to-face meetings and conversations. Leaders who invest time and energy understanding these differences benefit from greater insights into understanding self and others, communicating effectively, as well as strategies which will aid the creation and development of Whole -Brained Teams.

Course Outcomes:

  • The art of effective questioning and, even more importantly, effective listening
  • Learn how to create high-performance teams
  • Understand if you and your team are motivated and interested by Fact-Future-Form or Feeling.
  • Discover who speaks in Novels - Bullet Points - Paragraphs or Sentences.
  • Learn strategies to ensure the staff convey messages wholly and concisely.

Full Course Content

Course Outline:

Session 1: Understanding Learning & Thinking Styles on the Framework

  • Understanding components which make up the balanced thinking framework
  • Identifying where your thinking & learning preferences lie on the framework
  • Recognising strengths and areas for development within yourself and your team

Session 2: Learning how to Communicate between the Styles using Simulation

  • Learning how people with different learning preferences prioritise different pieces of information and process them differently
  • Communicating between the framework with simple questioning techniques using simulation
  • Identifying and developing your own areas for improvement on the framework

Session 3: Bringing it to The Classroom

  • Relating the framework to Classroom Management and Pupil Motivation
  • Linking the framework to Literacy & Learning
  • Using the strategies to learn how to feedback effectively to students and colleagues
  • Introducing simple NLP techniques to complement the learning